Face Pores

I forgot what this is, that’s why I called it face pores. I think it’s a flower, but I’m not sure. Hmmmm…


Shure E530

My trusty earphones that never let me down. Shure SE 530. Woooooot!


High Dynamic Beach

The title says it all. A beach resort somewhere in Davao shot in High Dynamic mode.


Across The Sea

If you have eyes with wide angle lenses and you’re on a boat across the sea, this seascape view is what you’ll see. Shot somewhere around Samal Island, Davao City.


The Dragonfly

LX3 Daily is back after a 5-month hiatus. This is a Dragon Fly shot somewhere in Mindanao using LX3 in Aperture Priority Vibrant mode, digitally zoomed 10x using my Vitacon Ultra Wide Angle macro lens adapter.


Old Typewriter Type Bars

Type Bars of an Old Typewriter somewhere inside a small police station in Ortigas.


Stone in Corregidor

A stone in Corregidor


Mushroom in Corregidor

The Mushroom in Corregidor


Magical Taal Sunset

I really needed at vacation during the past few days and I was just happy enough to come to Batangas with Appetite Magazine in a Carnation food caravan. My first time to have ever shot a sunset within the Taal Lake area at Balai Isabel. I’m very blessed to have witnessed one of God’s beautiful […]


Balisong Tip

Macro shot of the tip of a balisong


Basilica of St. Martin de Tours

Taal Church top view in Taal, Batangas, near Taal Park.


Starbucks 2010 Planner Bookmark

The awesome macro shot Starbucks 2010 planner bookmark. From? Starbucks of course.